Harajuku, Tokyo

Sept 2008 – Tokyo by night
Sept 2008 – Harajuku

My second trip to Harajuku on a Sunday resulted in a completely different experience, condom but still amazing. You may recall the first time the temperature was in the 40s, site but this time it was overcast and around mid 20s. The Rockabilly boys were not as active, shop strangely, but Yoyogi Park was full of people doing every weekend activity you could imagine. The bands were even better than last time, and I stayed the entire day here.

Aug 2008 – Harajuku

The most amazing place to spend a Sunday, in fact every Sunday.
Full of crazy, sexy, cool girls and guys in costumes you can’t even imagine until you see them. There’s a beautiful park that is full of people enjoying themselves – playing drums, yoga, dancing, walking the dog, frisbee, eating, chatting, drinking wine, whatever!
The rockabilly boys and girls are magnetic. They maintain such amazing energy in very hot weather, that could be fueled by lots of Sake. The bands along the paths are also exhilarating, every one out to entertain and with energy to burn. I am already planning to go back and see it all again.