Planning the rest of my life


Looking for interesting ways of teaching date and time functions, along with formatting numbers, I decided to occupy myself in a more useful manner. I’ve always wondered how I could possibly read the nearly 10,000 books currently sitting in my …

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2012 Aussie Grand Final


Today marks the most important day in the Australian sporting calendar – the AFL Grand Final. Hawthorn plays Sydney in what, at the time of writing, is a cliffhanger. Usually, I spend the day in a hotel conference room with …

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Rock Band 3 Pro


To prepare for Quỳnh’s birthday party I was cruising around Pasteur looking for XBox games shops in the hope of finding some Singstar. Anything’s better than Vietnamese karaoke, right? Well, I didn’t find any Singstar, but I did stumble upon …

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Happy Birthday Quỳnh


My great students from Grade 8I5 would like to sing “Happy Birthday” as a very special gift to my girlfriend, Quỳnh. I promise I didn’t bribe them to do this. No, really! Honest!!! Trust me, I’m a doctor. Your browser …

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The Golden Batman


I’ve recently been playing a lot of a simple, yet addictive smartphone game in my free time. It’s called Book of Heroes, and it’s available for both iOS and Android. I’m currently level 19 and, with the armor I’ve acquired …

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