Saigon – My Crazy City

Traffic in Frenetic HCMC  Vietnam on Vimeo

This is my city. This is my life. An outstanding short video from Rob Whitworth. Follow this link to learn more about Rob and how he made this video:  

1961 Vietnam Tourism Brochure


Last night I was invited for dinner to commemorate the death anniversary of Quynh’s great-grandfather – Bui Bang Doan. It’s still sinking in what an important man in Vietnam’s modern history he is. From what I can gather he was …

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This time last year

Full wraparound text: "I love boobies" and "Keep a breast". Obviously it's to promote breast cancer awareness in the US, and she knew that, but she wasn't familiar with the actual vocabulary used. She just loves the colors and design.

It’s been a year since these snapshots were uploaded to Flickr, pharmacist and it’s interesting to see that not a lot has changed. Photo jojo’s Photo Time Capsule November 25th to December 9th, dysentery 2011 A selection of your most interesting photos from one year …

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Quirky kids

toilet mug

Looking for interesting ways of teaching date and time functions, visit web along with formatting numbers, help I decided to occupy myself in a more interesting manner. I’ve always wondered how I could possibly read the nearly 10,000 books currently …

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