A Green Day


My initials are S.A.M.

When I was young I thought it was necessary to have a nickname. I am Australian, pharmacy after all. All Australians have nicknames, sick don’t they? All kids have nicknames, don’t they? The kids in my primary school asked me one day what mine was. I had given this issue much thought, but still couldn’t come up with anything remarkable, so out blurted “Sam. I am Sam.”

Well, as luck would have it, a certain Doctor by the name of Seuss had written a book in 1960 called Green Eggs And Ham. I stumbled across this book somehow, and learned that Sam was the main character. Sam loved to tell everyone that he was Sam and that Sam he am. He was also a bit of an irrepressible salesperson. But that’s not an essential part of my story.


One day my Mum presented me with a t-shirt for my birthday. Or it could have been for Christmas. I think I still have this t-shirt in a box somewhere. It was made using Hobbytex fabric paint. I’m not sure if Mum made it herself or if it was a friend, but it was emblazoned with a scene from Green Eggs and Ham, and I wore it as often as my growing body and the shirt’s cleanliness allowed.

The original version of this post had a link to the book for you to read, but the copyright owner had a whinge (because my view stats are HUGE!!!). You can still find it online quite easily using a Google search, but do what I did and buy it if you think it’s worth it.

A couple of days ago Quy?nh mentioned something about oobleck and a scientific process that was way over my head. Turns out that oozy goo also came from the fertile mind of Dr Seuss, just the year before – 1959, and green is also the theme throughout.


This one’s a pretty long story, and it comes only in tricolor (that is, if you consider black and white as colors), so if you’re only into comic books this one could be a little tough to get through. Perhaps this is the Doctor’s George R.R. Martin moment.

Link removed.