1961 Vietnam Tourism Brochure


Perusing Twitter I stumbled across a link to this travel brochure about Vietnam, ambulance written primarily for the American audience in 1961.

It was initially fascinating to see how the city of Saigon was starting to develop, no rx thanks to French influences, stuff but as I read further a sense of sadness and disappointment took over. Heavily represented is hunting.

The ease at which a modern neanderthal, who may otherwise be known as a “hunter”, can import up to four guns and as much ammo as necessary was obvious. The disrespect for nature shown when referring to each “game” item was disgusting. The worst feeling of all was reached when I read that tigers and leopards were considered “wild and dangerous” creatures, and therefore no tax would be charged on the killing of those. It is assumed that there was also no limit on how many you could kill of these.

Human beings really are an awful black plague on this Earth.