Notice: Moving from Flickr to SmugMug

To SmugMug

I’ve been happily using Flickr for years, viagra 100mg but due to the lack of inertia from Yahoo in maintaining and improving it, more about I’ve decided it’s time to find something better.

I’ve moved to SmugMug because it integrates better with Lightroom, order has a lot more flexibility in how I present my site, and is less likely to disappear when/if a plug is pulled. It doesn’t have as many nice social features as Flickr, so sorry to those who enjoyed seeing my uploads in their Flickr emails. You can still receive email updates whenever I post images to SmugMug by subscribing to at my new photo site.

It works all the time – for me. Flickr is up and down on a daily basis in Vietnam, and I simply can’t deal with switching to a VPN every time my primary photo site is unreachable.

I will continue to upload iPhone images to Flickr because of the easy integration that exists at present between those two platforms, and because I want to use SmugMug purely for travel and event-oriented galleries.

SmugMug also has a very nice Facebook cross-post function that allows me to fill the dreaded Facebook Photo section without having to actually go there and do it myself. Every photo on Facebook will be linked directly to my SmugMug account which, IMPORTANTLY, displays images in vibrant, full resolution. Facebook dulls images somewhat, so when you want to see more, click the link next to the Facebook photo to use SmugMug for the rest of the images in that set.

One more thing – SmugMug supports comments, without you needing an account to do so. So, I encourage you to share your thoughts with me there.

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