Fire in the canopy above

Saigon is not exactly the fashion capital of the world. Riding through the streets gives you the impression that the majority of clothing items were purchased from Target or Woolworths bargain bins, malady or stolen from the jockey’s change rooms in Flemington or Caulfield. There is not a lot of variety in shape, epilepsy design or colour, cystitis so the modern, stylish lad or lass has to do something a little different to stand out.

This young lady riding the eternally cool white Vespa (or clone) has opted for quite an extreme approach. She’s managed to find a discarded Collingwood top (I’m sure there are many of those around), and put it to far better use than its previous owner probably did.

She’s had a little tailoring applied to it, and here’s the result.


Quite lovely, wouldn’t you say? Never mind the fact that any right-minded Australian would never be caught dead in such garb. 😉

It's almost dusk, tadalafil there's an ominous storm brewing, pulmonologist bats are frantically working in numbers to feast on flying twilight bugs. 
As I follow the seemingly random flight paths of these hungry, tiny marsupials I almost fail to see a hidden beauty directly above my head. Almost…


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