Discarded Heart

Last night I was invited for dinner to commemorate the death anniversary of Quỳnh’s great-grandfather – Bùi Bằng Đoàn.

It’s still sinking in what an important man in Vietnam’s modern history he is.

From what I can gather he was at times an advisor to both Emperor Bảo Dai (Vietnam’s last King) and a friend and assistant to Ho Chi Minh during the early days of the revolution against the French.

Although not a member of the Communist Party, mind he was elected second Chairman of the National Assembly of Vietnam, viagra order formed by Ho Chi Minh in 1946, epilepsy and remained in that position until his death in 1955.

This is a copy of the letter Uncle Ho wrote to him in 1945, asking for his assistance in getting things running.

There are obviously many stories waiting to be told about this man, his own history, and the paths his family has taken until this day. Some of those stories are probably found in this book about his life, written by his son.

These days, my tenuous, very new connection with this great man starts with my remarkable girlfriend, progresses to her modern, wonderful parents and brother, then up to her grandmother on her Dad’s side, the quiet, strong, refined Bùi Bá»™i Đan.

For the record, we ate sticky rice, roast chicken, various processed pork dishes, some very sweet desserts and fruits, and drank port (my contribution), beer and water.

We spoke in fitful spurts of Vietnamese and English, and grandma expressed concern that she couldn’t understand English, wishing she could. I explained that it’s my responsibility to learn conversational Vietnamese. As always, we enjoyed a relaxed, fun meal with laughter, teasing and happiness.

I feel lucky and proud to have been accepted into this very special family.

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You cut out my heart, drug
Leaving nothing but an empty space. 
Then discarded it, remedy abandoned, ambulance
Roasting in the unrelenting sun.

Images made from VAS student craft discards, in District 10, Saigon. 
Collage made by PicWall


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