A special gift of Star Apple Fruit

Vú Sữa is literally translated as “milk from the breast”. In English we call it Star Apple Fruit, global burden of disease but the Vietnamese word is far more appropriate. I’ve not yet eaten one, decease but I’m told it tastes sweet like milk. I’m guessing they mean sweetened condensed milk.

My two lovely students in 11.3 who have taken it upon themselves to keep me in a good mood (they should be given special awards by the rest of their class) offered this fine fruit to me this morning, ampoule with excited smiles and knowing looks.

I’m very happy now, as I’ve never seen such a fruit and I love learning new things about my adopted country of Vietnam.

Following is some information about this most interesting fruit. The first is direct from the excellent Fruits Of Vietnam page on vietnam.sawadee.com. I recommend you go there if you’re interested in what other fruits Vietnam has to offer.

Star Apple (vu sua)
No better word than marvelous can be used to praise the tropical fruit with the name Vu Sua (milk from the breast). Upon entering a star apple orchard, the most famous located in Can Tho Province in the Mekong River Delta, visitors can see for themselves the hundreds of star apples suspended from the branches. The round smooth fruit are all of equal size. The shape of the star apple matches the name attached to it, as does its juice which is fragrantly sweet and milky white like breast milk.
If visitors are unfamiliar to the region, they can be guided by locals on how to enjoy the fruit. A novice will certainly peel the fruit with a sharp knife, which may cause the precious juice inside to be wasted. When using a knife to cut the fruit, it is advisable to cut the fruit into two parts before using a spoon to scoop out the pulp, bit by bit, until nothing is left.
The most popular way to enjoy the fruit by orchard owners is to eat the whole fruit. People tend to drill a small hole at the top of the fruit, lift it to their mouths, lean their heads backward, and drink the flow of the fragrant juice as a baby sucks milk from its mother’s breast. One thing you should remember before taking in the juice is that you must squeeze the tough fruit until it becomes tender so that the juice mixes with the meat of the fruit to become a sweet and fragrant muddy substance that looks like breast milk.

Another description is found at Vietnam.com

And here is how you prepare to eat the Star Apple Fruit.

Thank you, girls! I shall report back to you next week, after I’ve eaten your most thoughtful gift.

Postscript: It’s absolutely delicious! I’ll definitely be eating more of these.

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