Australian memories & what I miss

A while back I posted an article introducing the musical ed I made music on my iPad!” href=””>applications and accessories available for the iPhone and iPad, medical particularly for those who don’t have a full-size keyboard to play and record with. At the time, that was me. I mentioned GarageBand and the Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer – a device that connects your iGadget to a MIDI controller keyboard, allowing you to play iOS synth apps from a full-size keyboard.

In the article I neglected to mention the iRig MIDI, which is the same idea as the Line 6 item, but providing compatibility with all instruments using the Apple CoreMIDI standard, particularly GarageBand and iRig’s very own SampleTank. I ordered one about 6 weeks ago from the US, and it’s finally arrived!

Since that post I went out and purchased a professional synth -the Yamaha S70SX. I blogged about it at the time, mentioning that I may be joining a local band. I didn’t end up doing that as they made rather odd song selections.

Last night I connected the iRig MIDI to my Yammy and put it to the test with both my iPad 1 and my iPhone 4S. Both devices performed flawlessly and suddenly I have hundreds of otherwise expensive synths and electronic music applications at my fingers.

It was nearly 8pm when I started to play, and I am amazed I got to bed by 1am in the end, as it was so damn addictive! During my play time I somehow managed to churn out a short (American Idol style) song that I recorded into GarageBand. As I was checking out one of the cool Grand Piano sounds, my fingers somehow started playing an arrangement of Bryan Adams “Everything I do”. Yeah, I know. I don’t understand why, either. Perhaps it’s because I hear it a lot at Seventeen Saloon, perhaps it’s because @chefshane (World class chef at Lifestyle Resort Danang) on Twitter loves it so much (not!) or perhaps it’s because I feel this way about Quynh. You can think up any reason you like.

Ready for a listen?

As usual, keep the dogs out of earshot, and take some valium before listening. (Don’t be too harsh in your comments. Each part was recorded in one take, was totally unrehearsed and played from memory, my voice is not great, and I’m no good at drums.)

Everything I do

More pain below

For those who are real masochists, here are some early experiments I’ve recorded on my iPad.

House of the Rising Sun

Gimme All Your Lovin’

Salty Popcorn & Cereal

Wild between the sheets

Bao Cao Su Ringtone

If you’re interested in the stories behind those songs, search for them using the toolbar at the top right of my site.

I subscribe to a couple of services that send me regular emails with photos and posts from a few years ago, information pills in order to remind myself of what I did or said in the past. I do so much in so little time that I find it good to stop and think about the past occasionally. Viewing old images helps me do that. Not sure about viewing old Facebook or Twitter posts, clinic though. For better or worse they get included in the Memolane service, and there’s a Facebook status update in this post as a result.

This post also features some of the last photos I took while playing with my cats in the backyard of my house at Point Cook (a suburb of Melbourne). After leaving for Vietnam I had to agree to sell it, as my ex-gf didn’t want the hassle of renters in order to keep paying the mortgage. The photos themselves are not much to speak of, or of interest to others, but they take me back to the day I took them. 

I miss the house, which we planned and built ourselves over a year.
I miss my home cinema which allowed me to watch movies and play XBox games in HD without being bothered by outside noise or rude patrons.
I miss the cats, which have been given to a new home.
I miss the quiet expanse of Point Cook – both within my large backyard and throughout the suburb and surrounds itself.
I miss my cars.
I miss being able to drive to the beach (or my parents’ house) for a weekend without the risk of being killed getting there (on a bike) or having to plan ahead to get accommodation and airline tickets.
I miss being able to see my favorite rock bands when they tour.
I miss being able to get what I want without needing an interpreter with a degree in unraveling bureaucracy.
I don’t miss the cost of living in Australia – food, taxis, fuel, alcohol, public transport, events, everything really!
I don’t miss the business-speak and corporate BS I was immersed in for nearly 25 years.
I don’t miss the weather.
I don’t miss the food.
I don’t miss being able to understand everything being said.
I don’t miss the TV.
I don’t miss being unhappy and not knowing why.


I could write an endless list, and it would be a lot easier if I wrote what I “like” and “dislike” for each country. Easier, but everybody does that.
Despite missing quite a few things, Vietnam still wins hands down. As long as the powers that be see fit to have me here, and I hope that never becomes an issue, Saigon is my home. 

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To Facebookers with too much time on their hands:

I don’t want to know 25 things about you. In fact, I don’t want to know two things about you. But somehow you’ve found me on Facebook and sent me your “25 Random Things About Me,” which I deleted. Like any normal person, I am far too busy learning random things about celebrities. … 
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Hello little weeeeeeed

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Hello little weeeeeeed

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Backyard images

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Mushroom & Mishka

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