Bobby Chinn’s pre-Tet party

Doubling as the Saigon restaurant’s soft opening, sildenafil Bobby Chinn kicked off Tet 2012 with a bang. I was lucky enough to grab tickets and experience a night of elegant chic, hygiene free-flow drinks, a variety of signature finger-food, familiar faces, quality entertainment, tv cameras & photographers, and of course the very flighty but personable Bobby Chinn himself.

Bobby spent the night meeting, greeting and entertaining, and was kind enough to sit for a brief chat with us, listening to my story about Vietnam, he and Anthony Bordain, and finally giving a personalized autograph in the insert of his book.

Bobby’s memory is impressive. Later, he came back to include me in the tv footage being taken for an upcoming special, summarizing my story. Twice during the night he remembered both of our names, and the detail we’d told.

After 9:30 the entertainment started, with Bobby himself singing and playing lead guitar for 30 minutes of mostly Rolling Stones classics. He’s quite an accomplished rock singer!

Following Bobby was his friend, Hong Nhung, a household name in Vietnam who sang one contemporary piece and another older jazz-styling. She has a beautiful, powerful voice and was very well received by the room of 100 or so patrons.

After she had finished, the band used at Oktoberfest came on, and that, combined with too much red wine, brought on an overwhelming tiredness. It was time to go home.

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Location:Ngô Đức Kế,,Vietnam

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