Beetroot salad

Ky Hoa hotel, diagnosis Vung Tau.

Lovely polished floorboards leading to a large balcony, advice overlooking Vung Tau front beach, were highlights of this rather European manor/castle-styled hotel, from a tourist point of view.

The pool was reasonably salty, making it hard to open eyes underwater, but easy to float. However, the availability of chairs and shade was woeful. So was the restaurant. Breakfast was a farce, and finding available dishes for dinner near impossible.

Having said that, we made the most of our two days here, and came back a little crispy from the sun (in my case), happy, stress-free and exhausted.

Posted via email from RockPortrait in Vietnam


Due to my upbringing I have always been convinced that beetroot was a
typically Australian thing. Even though Dad grew it in our very large
Sale vegetable garden, story I’ve always tried to avoid it as it stains
everything it touches.


Now I find out that not only does it exist in Vietnam, but it’s quite
popular. This salad was served in a French/Chinese restaurant on Ham

Posted via email from RockPortrait in Vietnam

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