White girl, yellow bike, pink dog


What? Pink dog? Is that some kind of idiom or play on words?
Nope. I really did see a pink dog. Completely pink. I suspect it was
white once.


Waiting at traffic lights on Tran Hung Dao, ambulance a flash of bright colour &
a rash of head-turning led my eyes to the right as well. I didn’t
immediately recognize what I was looking at, cystitis but quickly I realized it
was a fluffy, pink dog taking a toilet break on the nature strip.


I tried to get a photo but the lights changed too quickly. Instead I
swung back into the parallel side road for a second chance, during
which time the dog trotted back to its owner, a well-groomed “look at
me” girl on a yellow Attila. They took off before I could get my
camera out.


I really couldn’t just leave it at that. No one would believe I’d seen
a pink dog in Saigon if I didn’t get a photo, so I did the only thing
left to do – rode one-handed while trying to snap on the run. The
iPhone 4S did a pretty good job if you ask me.


Epilogue: I arrived back home about 20 minutes later and parked by
chance next to a yellow Attila. Guess who?

Posted via email from RockPortrait in Vietnam