Time Capsule – Mid November 2010

What a surprise! Exactly a year ago I was attending a Teacher Day Ceremony and visiting Danang to see my favorite band.

This year I'm doing exactly the same thing, although the timing of the Danang trip is entirely coincidental and it will be under far nicer circumstances than the solo effort to a very flooded Danang/Hoi An region last year.

On the flip side, I'm being forced to go to Teacher Day this year, and I'm not happy about it as it takes away from the time I need to write student comments and pack for the flight to Danang. In other words, instead of working from 9am to midday then heading to the airport, I'll be bored witless watching a stream of teachers file up and down stairs, listening to endless speeches in Vietnamese about the value of education, what VUS is doing to progress the future of this nation, and how wonderful all their teachers are, and not getting watered or fed. AND I need to pretend to be nice to a bunch of long-term backpackers who honestly believe they are teachers. Hopefully I can find a few diamonds in the rough to talk to.

Let's get positive. Only two days until Danang. So excited! Hope my camera doesn't overheat this weekend.

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November 8th to November 22nd, 2010
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JC and Tara Vargas

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