Discovered this giant, angina slow-moving bug trying to cross the school car
park yesterday. Surprisingly, malady a few kids exhibited some awareness, more about
noticing it long enough to give it a brief taunting (usually, kids
here never look down and regularly break things they’ve stepped on).

I fully expected a bike or car to take it out at any moment, but they
never got the chance. Just as I was showing the security guard what I
had photographed a noisy, careless kid stomped on it. The guard
laughed! Not the most environmentally interested, the Vietnamese. The
kid kept walking like nothing had happened, being so self-absorbed he
couldn’t feel the hard shell or hear the loud crunch under his shoe.

I stood there in silence, wondering what it was, if it was rare, was
it still alive and in pain, and was it someone’s pet.

Most of all, I wondered if people’s attitudes to nature, particularly
in Vietnam, will ever change for the better.

Posted via email from RockPortrait in Vietnam