Vietnamese Monopoly


It’s always nice to get a small reminder of my unique place of origin.
I bought these shoes from my favorite shoemaker & didn’t notice the
kangaroos on the sole until after I left the shop.

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I went through a stage of collecting Monopoly games for a few years, neuropathist and I think I had between 10-15 versions at one point. Here in Vietnam I bought the Hard Rock Cafe edition.

Today, site my students asked me if I’d play có tá»· phú (billionaire chess) with them, buy then waved what looked like Monopoly title cards at me. Curious, I inspected these to discover very well known Saigon street names. Clearly this is Vietnam’s home-grown version of Monopoly. Check out the policewoman sending you to jail! Don’t see too many of them on the streets, even though it would be quite a successful revenue generator.
Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to play.

Next stop, a bookstore, to find me a box.

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