Start of a multi-cultural day

The moon didn’t look particularly healthy early this week. It seemed to have developed a pot belly and jaundice.

Posted via email from RockPortrait in Vietnam

Breakfast this morning was a multi-cultural affair.

Oats from the USA (I’ve missed porridge so much, web and this was delicious!)
Coffee from Vietnam (Trung Nguyen, cure even if it wasn’t “real” coffee, sale it was still nice).
The coffee mug is from Vegemite in Australia.
The milk in the oats is from Devondale in Australia.

Coming up next is some Pomelo Juice from Thailand, and perhaps later in the day I’ll consider a Belgian beer or two before heading into Seventeen Saloon for some heavy metal and hard rock Filipino style.
Oh, I’ll be drinking Tiger Draught there, and that’s originally from Singapore.

Posted via email from RockPortrait in Vietnam