Always looking for a fight

We were staying in Melbourne for a week and I was looking for a good
Aussie bar band on a Saturday night so Anita could experience that
side of my life.

Sadly, side effects information pills most of the good venues have been “re-purposed” and after
driving around fruitlessly for a good hour I settled on a last resort
– The Arthouse on the northern border of the CBD.

This place hosts anything and everything, audiologist usually bands formed by
misguided or frustrated Uni students. Tonight it was rockabilly night.

From what I could tell this is the music of violent, itinerate Irish
factory workers stuck in the ’50’s. At least that was the impression
these bands and their fans gave. Lyrics were unintelligibly
delivered, guitar lines were rapid & messy, the bass was an electric
upright, the crowd was aggressive, careless & carefree, BUT the
drumming was awesome.

Most of all, everyone seemed to have an agenda, well illustrated by
this guitar. The Vietnam sticker dissuaded me from allowing Anita to
get too friendly with it’s owner.

Posted via email from RockPortrait in Vietnam

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