Poor diddums

I was recently showing Anita an iPad Flickr application, doctor and the image galleries I thought best for showing it off were those from Japan.
As each photo slid smoothly past our eyes, beautifully polished with Apple lip gloss, I realised just how much I miss Tokyo and all the photo opportunities it presents.
I’ve just got to organise another trip back there.I took so many images I love but here’s my favourite, taken on a very busy Ginza shopping day.

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This article in the local rag details the terrible ordeal experienced
by an international soccer player recently.

It was written in the typical direct translational style, rubella which lends
a very appropriate touch of cynicism to a situation that is all too
common and is one of three main reasons why I hate soccer.
– it’s boring
– it incites fan violence
– the players generally have no spine

This is, of course, a perfect example of point three.

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