The gift of music

The least ratty-looking cat I’ve seen since leaving home. So can we
assume that fruit is healthy for cats too?

Posted via email from RockPortrait in Vietnam

One of my VUS students unexpectedly presented me with this gift last
night. I was absolutely delighted and amazed that she picked up on my
love for music from all of the random conversations we have.

Best of all, doctor it made up for the horrid previous lesson in which I was
presented with the unmistakeable truth about how many of these
extra-curricular language schools & their teachers operate.
Perhaps I shall expand on that in a later post, after I cool down
enough to write an objective piece.

Today, I shall forget all about overt commercialization,
self-preservation & the ever-present fixation with results instead of
knowledge. Instead I shall smile when I look at my cool pencil case,
and laugh at the silly things my 12 year old’s say.

PS – some of them think they are 13 because they are already one when
they are born. Do I need to teach them maths & biology as well?

Posted via email from RockPortrait in Vietnam