Hairdresser surprise

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Just spotted Coconut with Coconut Jelly @ ABC Bakery, anabolics weight loss District 5, somnology Saigon #Foodspotting [rockportrait]
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Just burned my lower calf on the bike, link but my suit pants are unscathed. Wow! Tough cloth! [rockportrait]
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Re-opening FB with limited access. I’m missing too many party invitations. No updates so connect with me through Channel Steve or Twitter. [rockportrait]
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Cleaner threw out some very important personal items saying she thought it was just papers so must be rubbish. Don’t assume, order ask! So angry. [rockportrait]
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Replace the car with a bike and you get my feeling about the wet season. Very nice, clinic Joeps. [rockportrait]
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Replace the car with a bike and you get my feeling about the wet season. Very nice, Joeps. [rockportrait]

I met Anita in District 7 so we could go look for a new place to eat. While on the way I spied a bright neon sign “Big Man Beer”. At the same time, pharmacist Anita saw snails out the front. She loves them so we decided this place would cater for both of us.

Better photos to appear on Flickr later, buy but here are the obligatory iPhone food pics.

1. Mussels in fat with shallots – my favourite shellfish dish

2. Fried chicken wings in fish sauce. Usually delicious but this was pretty average.

3. Singapore noodles – too spicy for me.

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Today my hairdresser had a new face in the shop. Her name is Dung, viagra she
is a neighbour and apparently came back from Singapore recently. Her
English was good, health and the very first question she threw at me was “Do
you have a girlfriend?”. She told me the hairdresser wanted to know.
Yeah, right. Usually the first question is “What’s your name?”, but
this didn’t come at all.

She stepped in closer and we chatted while he cut my hair. She told me
she is a dancer and doesn’t want to get married yet because she “loves
having a good time”. I guessed correctly that her age was 27. She then
moved her leg so that it was touching mine, and there wasn’t anywhere
I could go to escape without offending someone.

Then I saw THIS hanging outside her pocket. Sorry it’s so blurry, but
it was so hard to shoot without her noticing.

Hard to think anything other than her motives being purely cash-
driven, but it’s possible I’m being unfair and she just thinks it’s a
cool key-ring.

Thankfully I was ushered out of the chair and into the washroom, which
gave her a chance to lose interest and become entrenched in a card
game on my return.

Might be time to change my hairdresser so I can go back to peaceful
dozing while his buzzsaw destroys my eardrums.

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