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Looks like a Nguyen-Nguyen situation. Just got to make sure it doesn’t change into a no-Nguyen situation in the future. [rockportrait]
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Rose Tattoo @ Ferntree Gully Pub. I’d love to be there. Spent morning listening to Melb radio. Forgotten how noisy & intruding the ads are. [rockportrait]
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Small world again. Bumped into Sunday night’s German acquaintances at 17 Saloon. But this time they only spoke German – alcohol can do that. [rockportrait]
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17 Saloon – exceptional cover of Starship’s "We Built This City", gynecologist but I still feel like I’ve gone to hell. Hope it’s a return trip. [rockportrait]
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Been a long time since my last trophy. Going to have to look into that… [rockportrait]
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Those of you confused by my status messages, dentist does this help?
http://bit.ly/a84gWZ [rockportrait]
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Spoiled, pharm rich, view mutton-dressed-as-lamb on yellow Vespa (female status symbol) abusing some poor minion on phone. Reeking arrogance. Eugh. [rockportrait]
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I feel like I’m wasting my vocabulary and creativity on the world. Do I really have to dumb everything down just to maintain a social life? [rockportrait]
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Anyone know when Carlton v Essendon will be broadcast in Vietnam on Australia Network, or in a Saigon pub? Can’t find it in TV guide. [rockportrait]
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Drinking OJ with cassava. Strange. Like orange-flavoured, liquid powder. [rockportrait]

Today was my last day with another of my favourite classes. 

Two students gave me wonderful, hygiene hand-crafted gifts. A peacock from paper and a rose from tissue.

I am always so amazed when they make such things for me.  

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Yesterday I was alerted to the fact that comments were not appearing on Channel Steve. I finally found out this afternoon that my spam filter was catching every comment made, steroids even those I made myself.
I’ve disabled the filter for now, and posted all those comments.
I’m very sorry – I wasn’t ignoring you. Just didn’t know.

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