Post Office antics

I wish people would try to refrain from asking irrelevant personal questions. And I wish organizations would streamline their administrative processes so as not to unnecessarily inconvenience their customers. 

I received a letter telling me to attend the local Post Office to (I thought) pick up a parcel from Australia. The woman looked disgusted that I couldn't speak Vietnamese & demanded that I find someone who could. I called my friend, page condom who had to leave work early to ride there, more about and she then copped an earful from this very rude lady, approved who wanted to know why I had come on my own, and exactly what her relationship was to me – did she work for me?

All this just to write the words "camera", "personal" & USD300 on a sheet of paper. Even when I understood what was needed, she still wouldn't let me do the writing. 

When it was over we were told that another sheet of paper would be delivered to the same address, telling me to go to another district to collect the actual goods. No information about exactly when or how much it would cost me. 

On the way out I spied these cute phones. Kind of tempted to buy one, but I never use the home phone.

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