Right v Wrong v Reality v Theory

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Feel like I’m sitting in a hen house right now. All the noise without the eggs. [rockportrait]
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Wanna know how much I love me?
What? You don’t?

Oh… [rockportrait]

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Every now and then you should stick a cigar in your ear. Keeps them guessing.

(Paraphrased from Denny Crane) [rockportrait]

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I’ve come to accept that I hate foul language. It reflects poorly on the user, sale look sounds ugly, stomatology reveals inadequacy of vocab & masks insecurity. [rockportrait]
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What a chaotic education system! I want to educate my students, not make them exam-centric. http://j.mp/9ym51v [rockportrait]
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If only I was a Knight Who Says Ni.
Imagine how simple my life would then be. [rockportrait]
The following article effectively documents the quandary all
Westerners are faced with while living in Vietnam.

The author addresses a very delicate issue in a sensitive and careful
manner, discount far from the language & rhetoric heard nightly in District 1

My only complaint is that a solution is not presented. Fair enough, viagra order
given the complexity of this issue.

What’s your solution?


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