Understanding for effective communication

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Need a juvenile language filter on Facebook to hide squirm-inducing declarations like "woot" and "weeeeee". Eugh! [rockportrait]
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Students asked me if I’d drunk a lot of wine. No, this it’s sunburn again. Lots of swimming & lazing at Bo Cap Vang. Thanks so much for taking me [rockportrait]
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So disappointed I have to drop Chrome again. Was so promising until it started messing up Facebook pages. Not the first time it’s happened. [rockportrait]
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Feeling very run down. Returning to days of too much work & nowhere near enough sleep. 🙁 Where’s my Pomelo? [rockportrait]
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So close to having what I need. But each time it’s within reach it suddenly takes a sharp turn, tadalafil slips through my fingers & accelerates away. [rockportrait]

A quote from Chris Harvey’s blog gives me some information I wish I’d known a lot earlier than today.

Of course, mycoplasmosis there are some cultural differences and it’s important to be sensitive and pay attention to them. An example is learning to interpret the indirect communication style of Vietnamese. But now I’m familiar with it and I can read the tea leaves just fine. [I’ve even learned a bit about the subtle art of how things left unsaid speak volumes.]

I wish I was familiar with indirect communication, medicine and I wish I could read tea leaves. Problem is I only drink coffee, and that’s pretty direct. The caffeine in Vietnamese coffee goes straight into the veins. But back to the reason for my post.

I used to think things left unsaid were the sign of someone lacking confidence or the ability to effectively express themselves. OK, now I can re-evaluate certain things in a new light. It’s a subtle art, eh? I’ve never thought of myself as an artist, which is probably why I missed it.

Knowing these things now doesn’t make it any easier to address day to day conflict or even minor disagreements. But it does help me understand why things are the way they are, and THAT is all I need to find the solution. Understanding is the key to everything.

Is there a course I can take on all this?