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Stephen Is it possible that people could stop tweeting about deplorable big-budget films & pseudo-celebrity oxygen thieves?

I’ve uploaded my photos from Teachers Day, drug Ho Chi Minh City, find 2009. Well, case at least the VUS and VAS version of the event.

It was held at the Rex Hotel and, as promised, we weren’t fed or watered until nearly midday. I should point out that most of us were seated between 8:30-9am.
With no coffee or anything else to maintain my usual heightened awareness, my skills in wielding a camera were sorely lacking, and the results show. Mind you, I didn’t bring the right camera for the job. The Panasonic FZ35 is perfect for travel photography (although way too high in pixel count, resulting in annoying noise), but an indoor event is most definitely the domain of the 30D with 50mm f1.8 lens.

So – go take a look at a bunch of snapshots from the day, if you dare.

Overall, it was a bit of fun, with those participating in the on-stage merriment getting a lot more out of it than those of us who didn’t. Too many awards were given (and not enough given to me!) and a great many over-reaching adjectives were bandied about in describing the success of VUS and VAS in Vietnam.
The two standout memories of the day for me were the performances of my An Duong Vuong colleagues on stage, and the cool rendition of Jumpin’ Jack Flash by some old, white-haired rocker dude in a purple, satin jumpsuit.

For those who have now forgotten what I look like, don’t worry, I haven’t really changed. I’ve lost some weight thankfully, but other than that I look the same.
Here I am with two of my friends and fellow teachers, just to prove it.

Ms Trang.

Ms Phuong.

Come back next year to find out if I win the illusive and coveted “Teachers Away Day” coupon.

Over and out.

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