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Stephen Fevola had to go, prosthetic psychiatrist I’m sad to say. There goes his premiership. Only time will tell if Carlton win or lose from this. Who will play FF now?

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Stephen Fevola had to go, psychiatrist I’m sad to say. There goes his premiership. Only time will tell if Carlton win or lose from this. Who will play FF now?
But proponents of the plan, physiotherapy
which has drawn strong political support, symptoms
said that they believe such teachers bring expertise in subject areas beyond the standard curriculum. Indianapolis Public Schools Superintendent Eugene White supports nontraditional teachers, sovaldi citing an example of a retired Navy submarine commander who taught for two years at Howe High School. He inspired students to love science and also coached its science team to two state titles.

“If we get more teachers and young teachers like that,” White told The Indianapolis Star, “I think it will be a great thing for public education.”

The current issue of work permits in Vietnam for teachers without degrees makes this article quite relevant. The attached quote is one of the main reasons why I think it would be crazy to push out teachers with experience in other fields, but without a piece of outdated, mostly useless paper.

I hope this philosophy gathers momentum, as it seems like common sense to me, and creates a win-win situation for mature-age people looking for a career change, as well as the schools and kids wanting a modern and effective education.

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Once again, I’ve had no time to put together decent posts lately.
My photos are also banking up again, so you have to go to Flickr to see them for now. Even so, I only post the odd one or two here, so Flickr is a far better option to see entire sets.

Just to satisfy the three people who actually care what I experience over here, helping them understand why I’m not coming back to Australia any time soon, here’s a fast and furious interesting news update.

Hard hours and low pay
Read this sobering first-hand view of what it’s like for the typical Vietnamese sweatshop and factory worker.

Red tape becoming a public issue
In a further sign of Vietnamese progress, the public are expressing their dissatisfaction with bureaucratic red tape.
If action is taken this bodes well for the confused and frustrated ex-pat, of which there are many.

Secret talent
It’s pretty cool when you find out a friend has a fantastic, but unknown talent. This post details such an experience in Vietnam.  I am re-posting it simply because it reminds me what it was like back in Melbourne to spend time with some of the crazily talented rock musicians I once knew.
With Teacher’s Day coming up soon who knows what hidden abilities I will be exposed to when the “VUS Idol” show gets underway…


Racism or not?
This article from the ABC bothered me greatly. In a nutshell, a Vietnamese man with permanent residency in Australia was imprisoned in a Sydney detention centre after his visa was not recognised by Immigration authorities.
His compensation after being finally released – $70,000.

To put this into perspective, Cornelia Rau (an Australian citizen), was paid $2.6 million for 10 months detention after a similar balls-up.

So, explain to me how somebody spends this much time behind bars without having committed any crime in the first place, and then why they received such an offensive pittance of compensation after that experience?  It’s embarrassing to read about things like this happening in my own country – one that is supposed to be modern and developed. I’m in no hurry to go back whilst such stupidity, inequality, and arrogant carelessness is exhibited to the rest of the world.


It’s 3am and I’m pretty sure I sound like I’m grumbling. Time for bed. Proper blogs are on their way…
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