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Stephen Gorgeous lightning storm outside. I love this place!
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Stephen Pies fans don’t start – your team shouldn’t have even been playing in that match. Be thankful for over-achievements.
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Dengue Fever peaks during the rainy season
Malaria and Dengue Fever are two mosquito-borne viruses to be wary of here. Whilst Malaria is treatable, drug apparently you just have to ride Dengue Fever out. One of my ex-girlfriends lives in Singapore and has suffered this fever. She says it’s like a bad flu and takes months to get over.
I live in a wet area of HCMC and there are more than the usual amount of mosquitoes around so I need to be careful.

Tigers raised in residential areas
Recently a zoo worker was killed when a frightened tiger escaped. Whilst I think people are over-reacting to the risk of escaped animals in a residential area, allergist the second half of this quote is far more frightening.

“We live in fear everyday, particularly when we hear the roar of the
raised near our house. It is unreasonable to raise endangered animals like
in a residential area,” said Nguyen Thi Chien, who lives next to the beer company’s farm.

“The raising of wild animals has also caused environmental pollution and I have complained to local authorities many times but received no reply,” she said.

Environmental pollution!!!! What the??? It’s a worry that the very opposite of environmental pollution is being hailed as such. I hope her thoughts are not shared by other humans.

Taxi strike in HCMC

This affected me briefly as it took me longer than usual to get a taxi out to my apartment. It’s interesting to see how a strike is dealt with here, and more interesting to read about the way companies handle worker conditions.

Vung Tau
I’ll have to go back and take a look for these guns. I must say that you should not be fooled by the comments about the stunning, smooth beaches. If they exist, I sure didn’t see them. A case of gross over-exaggeration by a marketer, methinks. Vung Tau beaches are more like St Kilda beaches, although not as clean.

Power lines to go underground
This is great news for the future, as the above-ground power lines are messy and dangerous. The bad news is that traffic will be further disrupted due to the roadworks necessary to make it happen.

The city plans to put all lines underground, but at this rate, only districts 1 and 3 will be power-pole free by 2015.

Orphanage selling children

I sense I’ll be asked to spend more time looking at orphanages. My recent photos of Tam Binh (I’ll post a full blog entry later) prompted a comment that it was pretty luxurious for a Vietnamese orphanage, and a few of my friends are quite vocal about their interest in these places. I also suppose there must be many stories about unethical behaviour in these institutions, such as this.

Bear farming to make you sick

Foreign tourists buy bear bile from many farms in the Hanoi and Ha Long Bay regions. And just take a look who those tourists are … typical. It’s another example of a disgusting trade created from a disgusting and unnecessary human need. If these bears are kept in the farms for tourism and protection purposes then they should be managed by a central, fully accountable organisation. They definitely should not be privately owned. If there is no environmental reason for them being kept, then they need to be released and the farms shut down.

Meat left to rot in port

I’m wondering whether I should make absolutely sure all my meat is local from now on. 5000 tons of meat is a lot, and I am sure it’s not just thrown away. Someone will be selling if for use somewhere, I bet.

Well, it’s off to work I go again.

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