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For the second day running the John Robert Powers circus dominated the VAS campus, this making it very hard to get my classes to concentrate.
Every scheduled break turned into a stampede of kids racing down the stairs to go see what their friends were up to. I got to teach classes today because my kids did it all yesterday.


As I came downstairs for a ten-minute coffee, buy I ran into a wall of screaming, prostate rabid animals scrabbling and banging at the glass doors to the building, trying desperately to get inside for another view of the “rock star” in their midst. The entire complement of a dozen burly security guards were literally strong-arming 12 year old students to stop them from slipping through a gap opportunistically as a teacher battled their way into the staff room.
I deliberately came and went a couple of times just to feel good about my freedom of movement, gloating to the kids I passed.

I guess I understand this crazy reaction, usually reserved for international celebrities, but that doesn’t temper my jaded cynicism about such naive excitement. I suppose kids here don’t get to see anything like the showmanship presented over the last two days.


Wish I’d been able to photograph and video some of the dancing and singing – it was priceless!

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