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Stephen Amazing thunder roll went for full minute. Sounded like bombs going off for the entire time.

Collecting web domains can be fun, treatment they can be an investment, physician and they can be simply practical in terms of making it easier for people to remember how to find your site.

Here’s a list of my domains and what I do with them, cardiology or plan to do with them. If you’re interested in buying one leave me a comment with your contact details.


Allowed to expire. Originally hosting my blog about gadgets and where to get them if you live in Australia, I’ve retired it due to lack of free time to update it.


For Sale. A silly name that’s fun to say and easy to remember. I thought of it as a cool name for a tech blog or a social networking site.


For Sale. Another fun name that’s perfect for the heavy duty blogger.


The site you’re on right now. Contains links and references to my entire online persona, as well as my personal blog entries. The one port of call for keeping up with my Vietnamese adventures.


For Sale. An interesting name that could be used for just about anything as long as it’s irreverent, comedic and fun.


Placeholder only, purchased by the contracting business – Executive Assistants Australia. No content, only used for email.

hrdrck.com, hrdrck.com.au

My original photography site, named after my early internet nickname and car registration plates. HRDRCK is short for “hard rock”, my favourite style of music. Redirects to www.rockportrait.com.


Site managed by Filipina photographer, traveler, scuba diver – Joepi Paloma. Joepi is also my dive buddy and advisor when I travel to Asia for scuba trips.

kennethwarmington.com, kennethwarmingtonphotography.com, thirtythousandfeetphotography.com

Thirty Thousand Feet of Film. Site managed by Melbourne classic photographer Ken Warmington. Ken works with me on many photography projects.


For Sale. Inspired by how I sometimes feel about the little brats when they misbehave, this is a catchy name suitable for all sorts of things.


For Sale. One of those names that could be very handy if you’re building a high user-base social site.


For Sale. Another name useful for building a high user-base social site.


For sale. A cute name with lots of possibilities.


Run by the industrious yet very secretive Nuttster Corporation, this is a sandpit where I squirrel away a lot of my nutty ideas.


The Toolbox – on hiatus due to a shortage of time on my behalf, this is where you come to read up on the tools our world regularly throws at us. Contributors welcome.


For Sale. The world is an over-complicated place and as individuals we don’t help ourselves by over-complicating the simplest of tasks.  This is the future home of a site that will document our ridiculously inefficient way of doing things.


For Sale. Digitising. That’s the new way to ensure your precious memories are not lost to the ravages of time. Music, film, photos and more – irreplaceable memories are suffering from exposure to the air, or simply deteriorating due to the natural limited life of the materials from which they’re made. When I’m back in town and ready to begin, I’ll kick off a small business managing all your digitising needs.  Inspired by my own experiences digitising photo slides and unique taped recordings.

rockportrait.com, rockportrait.com/au

Home to Rock Portrait Photography.


Rock Portrait Photography internal project management site.


Home to the Rock Portrait Photo Blog.


For sale. A rare item – a TLD with only six characters and a catchy name. Use it for anything you can think of.


For sale. A cool blog name for the opinionated or overly grumpy.


For sale. If snootynose doesn’t do it for you, perhaps snottyblog might. Kleenex anyone?


Grabbing my own identity from the new dot me domain space while I still can. Redirected to Channel Steve.


Grabbing my own identity from the new dot me domain space while I still can. Redirected to Channel Steve.


For sale. There’s a type of site that exists purely to document how bad a particular brand or organisation may be in the eyes of the site owner. These sites are often situated on what is termed a “sucks-type-domain”, named as such because it will often be the name of the brand with the word “sucks” tacked on the end. I intend one day to document these domains at this site.


For sale. Well, What ARE you looking at? Another great name inspired by something we used to say as kids in school when someone stared at us. As internet site owners we generally want people to be looking at us so this seemed to be the perfect name.

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Right now I’m thinking of moving house closer to 72 Vo Thi Sau, hemorrhoids District 1, order because of a gourmet sandwich shop next to the campus.

However, I’m eating there right now and might just shelve the idea for now.
The omelette would be nice except for the kilo of pepper mixed into the egg. The toast is nice (they make their own bread) but they could have buttered it. No salt provided, but at least they had a proper salt shaker when I asked for it. I had to use the Vietnamese word for it though. Thank goodness it’s one I can remember.

Now, onto the coffee. This is Vietnam, the country responsible for the most delicious style to be found anywhere in the world. I ordered it in Vietnamese, but received boiling hot American-style with a skin beginning to form on top. I had to wait 30 minutes before I could start drinking it.

The ambience is supplied by Gypsy Kings-influenced instrumentals, excellent customer service complete with very winning smiles and a lovely, large, green and manicured park, complete with al fresco tiled murals, across the road.

I guess they’re catering to the culture-challenged ex-pat teachers here.

The reason I’m here is because I rushed out of the house at 9:15 this morning, running late and with a 1 hour ride ahead of me, to get to my first Vietnamese lesson. A lesson that was subsequently cancelled after I broke all bike records to get here by 10.

An apology was offered, along with a suggestion that I join the Intermediate class at a campus 10 minutes away. She seemed surprised when I said I had zero Vietnamese knowledge. I must look like an experienced teacher, I guess. That’s a positive at least.

Now I have some thumb-twiddling to do until my 1pm classes begin at VAS. I’d go get a haircut if I could guarantee it would take less than two hours.

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